Not an Unpleasant Detour

2012-12-16 21:59:43 by Sonixtar

Since I started being more creative, and putting brush to canvas so to speak, I have actually done less 3D sculpting than I would have liked. In fact, not only has my original intention decreased, my Photoshop paintings have increased. Which as the title states, is not an unpleasant detour of the creative mind.

Though it takes me a little longer to complete, I do model and sculpt in 3D, and have a new project on the go that I know more than a few Newgrounds enthusiasts will enjoy. I will post updates on that soon.

Until next time, enjoy your Browsing.

Becoming more Artistic

2012-11-10 11:18:38 by Sonixtar

Heya empty fan base!
Just wanted to let know that I am starting to do more painting, sculpting (zbrush) and animating. Now that my life has slowed down somewhat, I can focus on planning and executing my ideas. So I hope to get another piece out very soon!

Site Progress -- SLOWLY

2010-10-27 20:03:06 by Sonixtar


the site is coming along, slowly, but it's moving. I haven't had much ability to put content up since I started this account, but I do now, and so the build is starting to move faster. I hope its up soon, so keep an eye out.

ANIMATION - That's the focus of the site, but it will involve several stages of motion picture production.